Thursday, 22 June 2017

Some exciting news!

Can you see the blue shoe in the left of this pic?
 (no, not the man in denim shorts...the other blue shoe) :)

That shoe is my shoe.  
I was there!  With hubby...(no, not the man in brown shorts) :) 

We went to a rescue greyhound fun day to meet lots of owners and their wonderful, beautiful, retired racing greyhounds.

It's now over 18 months ago since dear old Sandy dog died, and we have felt lost without him.  We have tried to get used to our home without a dog, but's just not right somehow.  We decided to look into adopting a rescue dog this time, and after LOTS of reading, and chatting to greyhound owners, we have decided to adopt a retired racing greyhound.

They are not for everyone, but we absolutely adore them.  They are placid, gentle, and easygoing, which is what we need in a home with an elderly mother-in-law.  There can be downsides too, but we are prepared to meet any challenges that come along, as we would be with any breed of dog.

I'm not going to say much about the greyhound racing industry, because I don't want my blood pressure to go up, but these beautiful animals are basically exploited for money, then tossed aside to be euthanised or if they are lucky, re-homed.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of greyhounds in need of homes every year in the UK, and elswhere in the world.   If you are interested, you can find out lots about it online.

Anyway, last night a very nice lady came round to do a home check with us, to make sure we would be suitable as greyhound owners.  I am very excited to say that we have been accepted! :D

I don't know the source of this picture, so I hope it's ok to put it on my blog,  but it sums up everything I love about this gentle-natured, loving breed.

We have some things to put in place, such as 6ft high fencing around our property, and then we will be ready to begin the adoption process.  By Autumn we will hopefully be sharing our home with a houndie!  A snuggling, sleepy, funny, naughty, houndie!  Bring it on! :)

So, now you know why I have been making blankets recently. ;)  Oh, and if you are a greyhound owner, please tell me everything you know.  I shall look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Happy Thursday, friends. xxx

Thursday, 15 June 2017


I keep trying to not think about everything going on in the world right now, but I can't.

I can't change anything that's happened, but I can reach out in love.

At least I can do that.

Happy Thursday, friends. xxx

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

So tempted...

Look at this scrummy yarn.  

Now look at this lovely blanket....

Details of this pattern are HERE

I must finish using up all my yarn oddments first.

Even when the colours are dull or weird.

I'm off now to continue with my grey yarn. Yay. 


Happy Wednesday friends, xxx

Friday, 9 June 2017

Better late than never...

Last year I just bumbled my way through each day while I processed all the losses and changes in my life. I mechanically put garden produce into the big freezer to deal with "later", rather than make jams, chutneys, etc. We ate our way through most of it, but there were still two biggish bags of blackcurrants waiting to be jamified.

Today was cool and cloudy, so I got going. (no wasps to fight off!)

I washed and rinsed some old jam jars, ready to sterilise, then I hunted the house high and low for my jam pan, but could I find it?  Nope.  I looked in every cupboard, I searched in the shed.  Nowhere to be seen.  How can you mislay something as big as a jam pan??  Here's a pic of one...massive!

They have a nice wide shape, to help prevent jam from boiling over, and very useful handles, and a lip for pouring.  Unlike soup pans.

Ever have those moments of madness when your determination to carry on with something takes over your sensible side?  I took out my soup pan and got cracking with the jam making.  Look at this scary picture of a pan too small for it's boiling contents...

I'm happy to say that I didn't have any nasty boiling over accidents. 
 Honestly though, it was a bit risky.

What seemed like ages later.....12 jars of blackcurrant jam.
Some to squirrel away, and some to give to friends and family too.  
So glad I finally got round to making it.

It was quite nice to be doing something homemakerish after all the political stuff whirring around in my brain the last few weeks.  

Simple and quiet.  Ahh.

Happy Friday, friends. xxx

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Not really a big TA-DA moment, but rather a TA-dum.  :)  I finished my sock yarn shawl, and it's okay.  A bit scratchy, and a bit pink. :)

Glad to have it finished though....onwards!!


I took my messy box of pastel and paler shades and rewound the loose balls into yarn cakes...why do I have so much pink yarn??

I now have a big buckety tub full of inviting yarns, ready to begin another scrap blanket.  I have plans for this particular blanket which I will share in a couple of weeks or so. (how mysterious is that?!)

I'm probably going to just do one-colour granny squares because it will mean I only have two ends to sew in, instead of 15,000.  Well, it sometimes feels like that, haha!


The weather here today (so far!) is so much nicer than it has been lately.  Yesterday, our road turned into a river...

Perfect crochet weather.  ♥

Thankfully today, the weather is lovely again.  Laundry weather.  :)

Happy Thursday Friends, xxx

Monday, 5 June 2017


Everything is so lush just now. The sycamore in the front garden is limey green and stunning against the blue sky.  We've had some lovely weather recently which then turned thundery and wet.

Look at this rainbow....never seen one so low down before.  Have you?

The gorse and​ broom are amazing just now too.  So many blooms! They grow wild at the side of the road, but look how beautiful they are...

It's the simple things. :)

Happy Monday, friends. xxx

Friday, 2 June 2017

Yarn Challenge 2017

Earlier this year, I set myself a challenge.  
I decided not to buy any yarn until I had used up what I already had.  
Not one bargain ball. 

I'm been mostly making blankets, gifts and charity items and my mother-in-law has been busily knitting squares for me to sew into more blankets.  I've always been a bargain-hunter, including yarn purchases, so inevitably, I have ended up with loads of oddments and discontinued colours, etc.  

Try to ignore the dishevelled mess in this box of pastel shades....

The box of dodgy colour choices...

Oddments of chunky yarns...

Miscellaneous "stuff"...

Unsurprisingly, more oddments of strange colour choices...

I also have another plastic box and a deep drawer full of oddments of yarn.  
I know.  
It's that fine line between frugal squirraling and absolute insanity. 
 A lot of the yarns were bought online, so I couldn't really tell exactly what the shades were like until I opened the parcel. 

In between the mad acrylic yarn purchases, I also treated myself to "posher" yarns for making gifts, or a nice scarf, here and there.  To me a posh yarn is anything with actual wool in it, so I include sock yarns in this category!  Being a tetchy sock knitter, I am using it to crochet shawls...

This pattern is super-easy (thank goodness), and is available HERE for free!  The pattern uses DK yarn, but I like using up my 4ply for a smaller biker-scarf shawl.

On the one hand, it is super-satisfying to be using up all my oddments, and on the other it is a bit of a chore using colours I don't like.  I know how shallow that sounds.  I endeavour to buy more wisely in the future!

So, I am continuing to ignore the myriad of email temptations that I receive almost daily from the various wool emporiums, and trying hard NOT to think about the 30% off offers when Black Friday comes.  Unless of course, I manage to use up all my stash by then...

Happy Friday, friends! xxx

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Let's catch up...

Thank you so much for your warm welcome back to blogland.  I am so grateful for your kind and loving comments.  xxx

I think it may have been 2014 when I wrote my last post.  My Mother-in-law was moving in with us so that I could care for her.  I'll never forget the moment the van arrived in our driveway with 50 boxes (yes, 50) plus furniture and garden ornaments. She is still keeping me on my toes, although she has slowed down somewhat in the last year.  She'll be 93 in October.

Our kids are all in their mid-twenties to early thirties now. (when did that happen??) and have finished university and are working/volunteering in a wide range of jobs.  Some of them we see more than others due to distance,  as they are fairly far flung.  My two are still in Scotland, (although still over 3 hours drive to get there) along with my oldest step-son, while one is in the north of England, and the other in the south.  The most adventurous of all is out in India.

2015 was a difficult year, as I had a breast cancer scare (turned out to be benign), sweet old Sandy doggy died, and a few weeks later my dear Dad also passed away after a very long illness.  God gave me such strength, and peaceful reassurance.  My dear family and a very dear friend were wonderfully kind and loving and we got through it together.

The Quiet Home is still in the same old farmhouse in Scotland, with a few changes here and there.  I'll show you what we've been up to soon.  Hubby and I are still enjoying our mugs of tea in the garden, and my Mum comes to stay sometimes too.

I'm sure I don't need to mention that I am still crocheting and knitting every day.  Ah, the bliss of a lap full of yarny goodness!  The above piccie is of a blankety-rug thing I've just finished making, using up odds and ends of yarn.  I have set myself a wee challenge for 2017, and will tell all soon. :)

I can't tell you what a lovely thing it is to be sitting here, chatting to you again, after all this time.  I have missed you all SO much.  Until next time...

Happy Wednesday, friends, xxx

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hello again!

I thought if I put a picture of my new washing line, you would know it was really me! :) are you all??  I think it's been a few years now, since I had my original Quiet Home blog.  Blogger wouldn't let me use the old address (boooo!) so I had to use instead.  Same old title though. :)

I've dithered for a while now about blogging again, as I have been so flighty in the past, closing blogs and running away from the world and technology.  I hope to stick around this time as I've missed you all so much!

I'll do a post soon with a life update, and hopefully decorate things around here a bit, and make them pretty and cosy-looking.  I've been racking my brains to think of the blogs I used to visit, so I've begun to list them in the sidebar.  Please don't be offended if yours isn't there yet, my poor perimenopausal brain is struggling to remember them all!  

Looking forward to catching up with you! 

Happy Tuesday, friends. :) xxx