Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Let's catch up...

Thank you so much for your warm welcome back to blogland.  I am so grateful for your kind and loving comments.  xxx

I think it may have been 2014 when I wrote my last post.  My Mother-in-law was moving in with us so that I could care for her.  I'll never forget the moment the van arrived in our driveway with 50 boxes (yes, 50) plus furniture and garden ornaments. She is still keeping me on my toes, although she has slowed down somewhat in the last year.  She'll be 93 in October.

Our kids are all in their mid-twenties to early thirties now. (when did that happen??) and have finished university and are working/volunteering in a wide range of jobs.  Some of them we see more than others due to distance,  as they are fairly far flung.  My two are still in Scotland, (although still over 3 hours drive to get there) along with my oldest step-son, while one is in the north of England, and the other in the south.  The most adventurous of all is out in India.

2015 was a difficult year, as I had a breast cancer scare (turned out to be benign), sweet old Sandy doggy died, and a few weeks later my dear Dad also passed away after a very long illness.  God gave me such strength, and peaceful reassurance.  My dear family and a very dear friend were wonderfully kind and loving and we got through it together.

The Quiet Home is still in the same old farmhouse in Scotland, with a few changes here and there.  I'll show you what we've been up to soon.  Hubby and I are still enjoying our mugs of tea in the garden, and my Mum comes to stay sometimes too.

I'm sure I don't need to mention that I am still crocheting and knitting every day.  Ah, the bliss of a lap full of yarny goodness!  The above piccie is of a blankety-rug thing I've just finished making, using up odds and ends of yarn.  I have set myself a wee challenge for 2017, and will tell all soon. :)

I can't tell you what a lovely thing it is to be sitting here, chatting to you again, after all this time.  I have missed you all SO much.  Until next time...

Happy Wednesday, friends, xxx

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hello again!

I thought if I put a picture of my new washing line, you would know it was really me! :) are you all??  I think it's been a few years now, since I had my original Quiet Home blog.  Blogger wouldn't let me use the old address (boooo!) so I had to use instead.  Same old title though. :)

I've dithered for a while now about blogging again, as I have been so flighty in the past, closing blogs and running away from the world and technology.  I hope to stick around this time as I've missed you all so much!

I'll do a post soon with a life update, and hopefully decorate things around here a bit, and make them pretty and cosy-looking.  I've been racking my brains to think of the blogs I used to visit, so I've begun to list them in the sidebar.  Please don't be offended if yours isn't there yet, my poor perimenopausal brain is struggling to remember them all!  

Looking forward to catching up with you! 

Happy Tuesday, friends. :) xxx