Friday, 9 June 2017

Better late than never...

Last year I just bumbled my way through each day while I processed all the losses and changes in my life. I mechanically put garden produce into the big freezer to deal with "later", rather than make jams, chutneys, etc. We ate our way through most of it, but there were still two biggish bags of blackcurrants waiting to be jamified.

Today was cool and cloudy, so I got going. (no wasps to fight off!)

I washed and rinsed some old jam jars, ready to sterilise, then I hunted the house high and low for my jam pan, but could I find it?  Nope.  I looked in every cupboard, I searched in the shed.  Nowhere to be seen.  How can you mislay something as big as a jam pan??  Here's a pic of one...massive!

They have a nice wide shape, to help prevent jam from boiling over, and very useful handles, and a lip for pouring.  Unlike soup pans.

Ever have those moments of madness when your determination to carry on with something takes over your sensible side?  I took out my soup pan and got cracking with the jam making.  Look at this scary picture of a pan too small for it's boiling contents...

I'm happy to say that I didn't have any nasty boiling over accidents. 
 Honestly though, it was a bit risky.

What seemed like ages later.....12 jars of blackcurrant jam.
Some to squirrel away, and some to give to friends and family too.  
So glad I finally got round to making it.

It was quite nice to be doing something homemakerish after all the political stuff whirring around in my brain the last few weeks.  

Simple and quiet.  Ahh.

Happy Friday, friends. xxx


  1. They look good, and I like those cute lids. :-)

    1. Thanks Anne! The jars/lids are recycled ones from Lidl. :) xxx

  2. Tina, these look delicious :0) mari

  3. I have never seen a jam pan. I love it! I wonder if they make them in the USA? Your jams look beautiful. I have some frozen plums I need to jam.

    1. Ooh, plum jam...delish! :) xxx