Thursday, 22 June 2017

Some exciting news!

Can you see the blue shoe in the left of this pic?
 (no, not the man in denim shorts...the other blue shoe) :)

That shoe is my shoe.  
I was there!  With hubby...(no, not the man in brown shorts) :) 

We went to a rescue greyhound fun day to meet lots of owners and their wonderful, beautiful, retired racing greyhounds.

It's now over 18 months ago since dear old Sandy dog died, and we have felt lost without him.  We have tried to get used to our home without a dog, but's just not right somehow.  We decided to look into adopting a rescue dog this time, and after LOTS of reading, and chatting to greyhound owners, we have decided to adopt a retired racing greyhound.

They are not for everyone, but we absolutely adore them.  They are placid, gentle, and easygoing, which is what we need in a home with an elderly mother-in-law.  There can be downsides too, but we are prepared to meet any challenges that come along, as we would be with any breed of dog.

I'm not going to say much about the greyhound racing industry, because I don't want my blood pressure to go up, but these beautiful animals are basically exploited for money, then tossed aside to be euthanised or if they are lucky, re-homed.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of greyhounds in need of homes every year in the UK, and elswhere in the world.   If you are interested, you can find out lots about it online.

Anyway, last night a very nice lady came round to do a home check with us, to make sure we would be suitable as greyhound owners.  I am very excited to say that we have been accepted! :D

I don't know the source of this picture, so I hope it's ok to put it on my blog,  but it sums up everything I love about this gentle-natured, loving breed.

We have some things to put in place, such as 6ft high fencing around our property, and then we will be ready to begin the adoption process.  By Autumn we will hopefully be sharing our home with a houndie!  A snuggling, sleepy, funny, naughty, houndie!  Bring it on! :)

So, now you know why I have been making blankets recently. ;)  Oh, and if you are a greyhound owner, please tell me everything you know.  I shall look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Happy Thursday, friends. xxx


  1. Yay! Aw, a Grace or a Grady! I know someone who adopted two and they seem so sweet and snuggly! I'm so excited for you!

    1. Thanks PP!😊 Aww, Grace & Grady sound cute!💕 xxx

  2. Have had some experience of greyhounds and if we didnt have a cat and wanted a dog thats what I would go for. Pleased for you. xxx