Thursday, 8 June 2017


Not really a big TA-DA moment, but rather a TA-dum.  :)  I finished my sock yarn shawl, and it's okay.  A bit scratchy, and a bit pink. :)

Glad to have it finished though....onwards!!


I took my messy box of pastel and paler shades and rewound the loose balls into yarn cakes...why do I have so much pink yarn??

I now have a big buckety tub full of inviting yarns, ready to begin another scrap blanket.  I have plans for this particular blanket which I will share in a couple of weeks or so. (how mysterious is that?!)

I'm probably going to just do one-colour granny squares because it will mean I only have two ends to sew in, instead of 15,000.  Well, it sometimes feels like that, haha!


The weather here today (so far!) is so much nicer than it has been lately.  Yesterday, our road turned into a river...

Perfect crochet weather.  ♥

Thankfully today, the weather is lovely again.  Laundry weather.  :)

Happy Thursday Friends, xxx


  1. I like your pretty shawl with its hint of pink! Well done! Onward indeed! 👏🏻🌞👏🏻

  2. Lovely shawl & Im a pink person lol Marie x

  3. Thank you pink fans! :) Xxx